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Have you ever considered to use bioplastics in your industry? Do you have the appropriate skills? We can help you!
Bioplastics can be processed on conventional machines. You just need specialised staff and skills.

Participate in our piloting experience. We have developed 5 training units, which comprises the whole plastic value chain, from its definition, to transformation and finally biocoating.

Get free training in bioplastics

These are the training units:

  1. Definition and Characteristics
  2. Extrusion Compounding
  3. Injection Moulding
  4. Blow Moulding
  5. Biocoating

The training course will last around 50 hours and can be followed by internet, at your own pace.

The difference between the piloting and the final version is that at the end of the piloting we will send you a survey in order to monitor content and platform accuracy.

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